FAQs - For Corporate Partners

FAQs – For Corporate Partners


We have a global reach with warehousing facilities in DFW and Orlando Florida. Our HQ and main distribution center is in Irving, TX

We do both. Sometimes corporates have a supplier diversity program that just need a little help growing and finding new suppliers. Other times, corporates do not have a D&I program, but want to create one. We can help with finding the right team members, starting cohorts, and/ or training prospective suppliers to make your job easier.

Honestly, it just depends on what the corporation needs. If you want a full 12-18 week program to train a cohort of 20-30 suppliers, we’ve seen budgets range between $150k- $2M. If you want us to simply filter through and mentor your prospective suppliers to ensure that they are ready to meet your needs, (which saves time for your merchants and D&I teams) programs like typically run somewhere between $20k-400K.

Group cohort programs typically run between 9-15 weeks. The last thing anyone wants is for one of the suppliers to be unprepared upon completion of our program. We will take the necessary time to coach, teach, and train them so they’re ready to hit the ground running once we hand them back to you.

Our team is growing and has over 100 years of combined experience working as industry experts for large corporations including Pepsi, Walmart, Starbucks, and many more.